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The number of known coronavirus infections in the U.S. surpassed three-quarters of a million on Sunday, while the number of deaths shot past 40,000.

Globally, around 2.4 million cases have been detected since the start of the outbreak last year. According to the latest tally by Johns Hopkins Covid-19-tracking map, the U.S. has nearly as many known cases as Spain, Italy, France, Germany and China combined. 

Despite its distance from China where the pandemic began last year, the U.S. also has vastly more cases than the relatively small numbers found in nearby, densely populated nations such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

New York has been particularly devastated by the outbreak, with some 242,786 known cases

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"Think about what we’ve gone through," that state's Gov. Andrew Cuomo said over Twitter on Sunday, lamenting those who've died from the disease. "We must tread VERY carefully now. The worst thing that can happen is for us to go through this hell all over again."

Cuomo has vowed to use statewide antibody testing to tell "us for the first time" what percentage of the population has actually had the coronavirus. "This will be the first true snapshot of what we’re dealing with," he said in a Twitter post on Sunday.