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MLB Lockout: What You Need to Know

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Major League Baseball (MLB) has imposed a lockout in its players on Dec. 2, triggering its first work stoppage since 1994. The League and Players Association could not strike on a new deal before the four-year-long Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) expired on Wednesday.

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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said that the lockout was “the best mechanism to protect the 2022 season.”

"Today is a difficult day for baseball, but as I have said all year, there is a path to a fair agreement, and we will find it," Manfred said, in a statement. "I do not doubt the League and the Players share a fundamental appreciation for this game and a commitment to its fans. I remain optimistic that both sides will seize the opportunity to work together to grow, protect, and strengthen the game we love."

The Major League Baseball Players Association said that the move was “owner’s choice, plain and simple…”

"Regаrdless of the timing, this shutdown is а significаnt step. It is not required by lаw or in аny other circumstаnce. It wаs the owners’ decision, plаin аnd simple, designed to coerce Plаyers into relinquishing rights аnd benefits аnd аbаndoning good fаith bаrgаining proposаls thаt would benefit not just the gаme, but the entire industry," the MLB Players Association said in a statement. 

Wondering what work stoppage means?

Well, in a simple terms, work stoppage means that everything, from trading players to players being barred from using club facilities, comes to a halt within the league.

This is the ninth work stoppage in MLB’s history.

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