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How Companies Are Approaching COVID-19 Vaccines

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For some vaccination skeptics, full federal approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on August 23 has given them a good reason to get vaccinated. 

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Now, Pentagon also wants its U.S. troops to get their COVID shot immediately. The Associated Press reported that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered its service leaders to “impose ambitious timelines for implementation.”

How Some Companies Are Approaching COVID-19 Vaccinations:

  • Delta Air Lines  (DAL) - Get Free Report: Beginning Nov. 1, the company’s unvaccinated employees will face a $200 increase in their health insurance premiums
  • Goldman Sachs: Beginning September 7, the investment bank will require everyone including staff, clients, and visitors to show their vaccination card while entering its US offices
  • CVS Health  (CVS) - Get Free Report: The company has mandated its employees to be fully vaccinated by October 31
  • Microsoft  (MSFT) - Get Free Report: The management will require proof of vaccination for anyone entering its office starting September
  • United Airlines  (UAL) - Get Free Report: The airline mandated its employees to get vaccinated by October 25 or risk job losses
  • Bank of America  (BAC) - Get Free Report: Only vaccinated employees are allowed to enter the bank starting September
  • Citi Group  (CCBG) - Get Free Report: The bank reportedly requires its employees in New York, Chicago, and other cities to be vaccinated 
  • Lyft  (LYFT) - Get Free Report: The ride-hailing company requires all its employees to show vaccination reports in order to enter its offices
  • AT&T  (T) - Get Free Report: The telecom company requires its management employees to show vaccination reports at work
  • Cisco  (CSCO) - Get Free Report: The networking hardware maker requires its employees to get vaccinated if they want to come to work
  •  Google  (GOOGL) - Get Free Report: In July, the tech giant said anyone coming to work on their campuses needed to be vaccinated
  • Johnson & Johnson  (JNJ) - Get Free Report: The company mandates all its U.S. employees to be fully vaccinated before October 4
  • McDonald's  (MCD) - Get Free Report: The deadline for its U.S. corporate workers to be fully vaccinated is September 27

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