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Covid Cases Blow Past 7 Million in U.S.

Outbreaks in colleges rise, several states see uptick in diagnoses.

Within just a month, the U.S. saw its total coronavirus diagnoses increase by a million -- bringing the nation's total known infections past 7 million, according to the Johns Hopkins Covid-19-tracking map

Total deaths in the U.S. also hit near 205,000 by Sunday.

The increase in the U.S. comes after colleges and other schools across the nation saw student and staff infections that further fueled the spread. The reopening of higher education institutions alone have contributed more than 130,000 cases and scores of deaths, according to an analysis by New York Times.

Several states in the Midwest are at the same time seeing an uptick in cases, as many fear what the fall and winter will bring as cold and flu season kick in and outdoor dining and socializing become more difficult in many parts of the nation.

South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin were among the states seeing a disturbing increase in cases. 

And states that were doing particularly well, such as Massachusetts -- home to many colleges and universities -- saw a surprising rise in cases over the weekend.

That state reported 515 new diagnoses on Saturday, and close to 600 on Sunday.

In Massachusetts, which had kept its Covid rate relatively low, there were some recent clusters of infections at a major teaching hospital and at Boston College -- leading some to have concerns over how well students, college athletes and others would adhere to social distancing and mask-wearing guidance. 

In New York, meanwhile, where cases also saw a jump going into the weekend, Gov. Andrew Cuomo again urged New Yorkers to continue to wear masks, keep distance from others, and wash hands.

"Covid-19 remains a force to be reckoned with throughout the country and around the globe, and we cannot drop our guard. While our numbers remain relatively flat, we continue to closely monitor the data daily as always," said Cuomo in a statement on Sunday.

Globally, total diagnoses neared 33 million on Sunday, with Brazil and India both pummelled by the potentially fatal disease.

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