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Apple's Biggest Product Launches Under CEO Tim Cook

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Tim Cook was named Apple’s (AAPL)  CEO on Aug. 24, 2011. 

On the occasion of his 10th CEO-versary in the company, we are taking a look at five of its most popular products / services:

  • iPhone: Apple’s most successful product has over 1 billion iPhone users worldwide. iPhone sales covered over 44% of Apple’s total revenue in the company’s latest quarter.
  • Apple Watch: Launched in 2015, Apple dominates the 40% market share in a global smartwatch.
  • iPad: Debuted in 2010, Apple has sold over 425 million iPads, dominating over 31% of the tablet market.
  • App Store: Apple reportedly made $64 billion from its App Store in 2020.
  • AirPods: Launched in 2016, Apple is leading in the wireless headphone sale with 50% global market dominance.

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