5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer's Top Post-Covid Stocks, Price's 'Growing' Portfolio

Must-reads from Jim Cramer, Eric Jhonsa, Paul Price, and the Real Money/Real Money Pro team make sense of the market's big moves.
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It seems that each week this month has brought new vaccine hopes -- with two mRNA-based shots likely on the way soon -- and a third showing great promise, too.

Will the medicines bring a turning point in the market and the economy? 

Looking at how to invest with an end to Covid-19 potentially in sight -- and tackling other topics like gold and Airbnb's planned IPO -- are Real Money and Real Money Pro experts Jim Cramer, Eric JhonsaHelene Meisler, Paul Price, and Debra Borchardt.

Cramer: If Covid Ends, Here Are Stocks to Buy

So far, we have three promising vaccine candidates -- one by Pfizer  (PFE) - Get Report and BioNTech  (BNTX) - Get Report; one by Moderna  (MRNA) - Get Report; and another by AstraZeneca  (AZN) - Get Report and Oxford University.  So, says Cramer, you have to start believing that this pandemic has an end. And if it does, he has the list of stocks to buy.

Here are Cramer's stock picks if the pandemic's end is in sight

Jhonsa: Airbnb's a Got Story for Wall Street 

As the company is prepping for its initial public offering, it could see demand surge in 2021, says TheStreet's technology writer, Jhonsa. But a difficult cost structure and competitive pressures shouldn't be ignored.

Jhonsa takes us on a trip to Airbnb.

Price: Your Portfolio Is Your Garden

Price explains why you must tend to your investments, just as you would your flowers, vegetables or shrubs outside. He also gives examples of a half dozen stocks he's "growing" right now.

Here's how to raise your own portfolio.

Meisler: Let's Reflect on Gold's Decline

There were two big shockers on Monday, says Meisler. First, there was little fuss over SPDR Gold Shares fund's  (GLD) - Get Report decline and, second, we had a vexing Volatility Index move. 

This is what those two moves mean for investors.

Borchardt: Ketamine's Beating Psilocybin

While there's a lot of chatter about a potential legal market for psilocybin, ketamine is currently where the money is for alternative plant medicine companies, says Borchardt, Real Money's cannabis columnist.

Borchardt breaks down the two drug compounds.

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