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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer Rips COVID Rules; an EV Warning

Here are five must-reads from Jim Cramer, James 'Rev Shark' DePorre, and the team at Real Money/Real Money Pro.
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Read, set, reopen... Or not.

This week we're seeing COVID case counts tick up in many states -- even as vaccines are rolled out and after many locations had rushed to reopen. Will this be the U.S. following Europe all over again, just like it did last year around this time?

Who knows for now, but we do know that on Monday, the tech FANG names rose, reversing some of rotation into reopening plays like old fashioned retail, airlines, financial services, and energy. 

What are investors to make of this newest turn in the either/or market?

Let's sort it out with the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium sites for Wall Street professionals and active investors. Here are the 5 best stories right now by Timothy CollinsPaul PricePeter Tchir, James 'Rev Shark' DePorre, and, of course, Jim Cramer.

Jim Cramer: COVID Rules Still Make No Sense

The absurdity of COVID policies -- temperature taking and asking about travel history ... even after getting fully vaccinated -- can sound like the punchline to a pandemic joke. But they are real, says Cramer, and a real problem for our nation's hopes of reopening.

Here's Cramer's take on injecting common sense into virus policies

Tim Collins: Beware of Electric Car 'Pre-orders' 

For many electric vehicle names, backing out of a pre-order comes with little penalty. And that can mean trouble for investors, says Collins. So, steering away from the names with clouds over their heads is a good start when looking at the sector. 

Collins gives the lowdown on EV pre-orders.

Paul Price: When 'Bad News' Is Really Good News

Buying beaten-up shares of companies that are down merely due to analyst downgrades is one of Real Money Pro columnist Paul Price's favorite ways to invest. He compares what appears to be good news on a hot name -- Tesla  (TSLA) - Get Free Report -- to how he targeted supposed "bad news" on Vera Bradley  (VRA) - Get Free Report.

Price tells how to act on "news" that isn't really news.

Rev Shark: Traders Have Feelings, Too

Real Money writer "Rev Shark" is often asked if anyone -- yes, anyone -- can learn to be a good trader. His answer? Of course. But, there's a catch, he says. Aspiring traders must have the capacity to cultivate the right emotional state -- and keep emotions under control.

Here's his advice on keeping your feelings in check.

Peter Tchir: No Bull, I'm Not Bullish

No matter how much Real Money Pro writer Peter Tchir wants to be bullish, he can't. Why? He has six reasons -- including rates, taxes and valuations. 

Read why bulls should take pause

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