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To Sell or Not to Sell? How Jim Cramer Approaches Stocks

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Jim Cramer took to Real Money to explain that a dose of lazy thinking can lead you to sell a stock for all the wrong reasons.

"What's lazy thinking? It's the inability to see that your negativity is getting in the way of a good story. I have so many examples of this that I want to demonstrate to you what happens if you just decide to tough out a good story and not be so circumspect, not being a believer in what you own, to the detriment of your entire net worth upside," Cramer wrote.

Sparknotes? Before you get negative, remember why you bought a stock in the first place and really evaluate how much the story has changed. 

Cramer uses the examples of Nike  (NKE) - Get Free Report, Eli Lilly  (LLY) - Get Free Report and Waste Management  (WM) - Get Free Report to explain how to differentiate between changing fundamentals and "lazy thinking" in the video above. 

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