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What Unemployment Tells Jim Cramer About Jerome Powell's Approach to the Economy

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Jim Cramer has one key question: Where are the workers?

That was the focus of his Real Money column on Tuesday, June 22.

"Where did all the workers go? What happened to them? This is THE question of the moment and we must find out because no one seems to know," wrote Jim Cramer. "We do know that there are almost double the number of people who are looking for work and can be considered unemployed versus the months before the pandemic began - 5 million versus 10 million - yet the mismatch of workers is palpable and is causing havoc with just about every company in the U.S. The numbers are the ultimate conundrum."

"How did this happen? What gives? When you speak to as many CEOs as I do and hear how baffled they are it's certainly worth looking in to. It's pretty stunning how little people seem to know. The only thing I hear is "Amazon (AMZN) hired 500,000 people. They took the supply." Obviously that's not the best answer but it is the one I get when I press," he continued. "That's not good enough. Here are some theories. First, people have gotten so much stimulus money that they don't need to work at least yet. It hasn't run out."

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