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1. CRM

By Jim Cramer
7:07 a.m. EST

I would buy some

(CRM) - Get Report

off of


(ORCL) - Get Report

, as the parts of Oracle's business that are doing well seem very similar to's portfolio.

Positions: None

2. Citi: Will Breaking Up Be Hard To Do?

By Howard Simons
10:13 a.m. EST

Jim, your comment,

"Look, I have no idea really how Citigroup (C) - Get Report is doing. That's because they don't know how it is doing. That's the biggest flaw of the joint, of course"

made me wonder whether anyone out there in the investment banking world has a break-up value for Citigroup.

If you need a wall-poster, click


and go to the "Multi-Page Version." There you can get an eight-page schematic of Citi's corporate history.

Too big to fail? No, too big to succeed. The place has to have negative synergies. If the government is not going to let them fail, then the $3.15 or whatever price may be a floor and when you buy Citi you really are buying an option on its future breakup value. The whole must be worth less than the sum of the parts in this corporate offal-heap.

Positions: None

3. WAG Down Hard -- Reports Monday

By Brian Gilmartin
10:30 a.m. EST

Volume is heavy in



(at daily average already), as the stock is down 2% in early trade.

WAG reports Monday morning before the bell. EPS estimates have ticked slightly higher since the September '09 report. November front-end comps were weak, despite the flu season. I think a lot will depend on whether the new CEO Wasson can continue to take expenses out of the drugstore retailer and improve store productivity without cutting fat. My guess is that it will be all about margins.

Hoping to buy WAG in the low $30s.

Positions: Long WAG (one low-cost-basis position from 1997)

4. Con-Way Is Cruising

By Gary Morrow
11:13 a.m. EST



is one of the top gainers on the


this morning. The stock is up over 6% on heavy trade, with the help of a BB&T upgrade, as it extends yesterday's huge ramp. Since Thursday's lows, CNW has surged more than 14% and appears headed for more upside.

Con-Way has been under pressure since peaking in mid-August. The stock began a choppy decline after dropping back below $45. By the beginning of November, the stock had lost more than 40% before reaching its 200-day support area. A massive volume spike on a record down day signaled a selling climax after the deep selloff. Since the spike low on Nov. 4, CNW has been steadily repairing the damage while hugging support near the 200-day.

Upside volume began to return last week after a second dip below $30 was unable to take out the early-November lows. The stock is breaking out, leaving behind a solid short-term base. Support sits just above $36. I expect this run to carry the stock to $45 in the next few weeks.

Positions: None

5. Weekend Shopping

By Tim Melvin
5. 12:05 p.m. EST

The big question about the impending snowstorm here in the Northeast is, will it benefit online retailers? My mall spies have reported that people have delayed shopping until the last minute this year to take advantage of markdowns as the holiday draws closer. Now, having delayed until the last minute, they will be restricted by weather. Those in the New York area may be more accustomed to snow, but here in the Maryland-D.C. area, so much as a dusting can shut things down. Forecasters are calling for a lot more than that, so I think the malls will get hurt. However, if you waited, you pretty much have to buy gifts this weekend, so online could see a pickup. It is an


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