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1. Dubai World Hurts Middle East ETFs

By Don Dion
7:58 a.m. EST

From Florida to Dubai, the bursting of the real estate bubble continues to put pressure on the financial markets. The two ETFs that will feel the impact today are

WisdomTree Middle East

(GULF) - Get Report


Market Vectors Gulf States


. These two lightly traded ETFs should be avoided as the oil-rich region sorts out its "oil-poor" member's debt restructuring. I expect that the sheiks will work through their real estate collapse as we have done in the U.S., but the headlines will put pressure on these two Middle East ETFs for some time.

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2. Is Dubai the Next Catalyst?

By Sham Gad
8:12 a.m. EST

Pimco's Mohammed El-Erian is on


suggesting that Dubai's potential debt default may lead to a repricing of assets -- all assets, debt and equity. This rally has been indiscriminate with regard to share price increases. And as usual, prices overshoot on the way up and undershoot on the way down. If one can keep emotions in check, the next few days, weeks or months could again create some attractive opportunities. Today will be interesting, since a lot of investors are off for the holiday. What will happen next week should be more indicative of how Mr. Market really feels about Dubai's situation.

The $60 billion figure itself is not that significant in the scheme of things, but rather the crux is how this will effect other nations in the region. The futures have come back some, indicating that as the market digests this news, it may not pose the systemic risks one may have initially thought.

3. The Selloff's Absurd Consequences

By Jim Cramer
9:12 a.m. EST

The commoditization of oil-to-tech (


futures hit so hard) is where the bargains will come in. Dubai/oil has no impact on


(INTC) - Get Report

, but maybe, because it is such a big percentage of the

PowerShares QQQ


, you get a chance to buy it with a 3.5% yield. Also, remember that


(VZ) - Get Report



(T) - Get Report

have caught bids of late and could be places to go...

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4. Best Buy's Positive Comments

By Brian Gilmartin
9:41 a.m. EST

Best Buy's

(BBY) - Get Report

CEO is out with some mildly bullish comments about traffic already this morning, giving us something other than Dubai to talk about. You always hear a plethora of chatter about Black Friday and its implications for the holiday shopping season, but the biggest pre-Christmas shopping day is the Saturday prior to Christmas.

Best Buy won't report its November quarter until mid-December, but according to our spreadsheet, exiting last quarter ended August 2009, BBY was expected to grow revenues 8% this fiscal year ending November 2009, while earnings were expected to be up just 1%. Margins were somewhat disappointing last quarter even though Best Buy continued to gain share. While the demise of Circuit City was an unambiguous positive for BBY, the changed competitive landscape pits BBY against


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now in consumer electronics.

We took a small position in BBY in early July, and as long as the stock holds the April highs of $41.45, we'll maintain the position.


5. AMZN Opportunity

By Don Dion
9:56 a.m. EST



(AMZN) - Get Report

down on light volume in sympathy with the market, I think this could be a good entry point to buy this top Internet retailer. It's in a class by itself, no matter what


(WMT) - Get Report

is trying to do online.

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