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By Timothy Collins
8:10 a.m. EDT

Where does the influence of the analysts lie here? We constantly blame the speculators, but when noted analysts give oil a price target of $200, isn't that going to make lots of folks want to jump at oil when the market is pulling back, they are down money, and oil is far below $200? I'd be curious to see an expert's take on the Strategic Petrolem Reserves, and how our own government acted during the spike.

It hasn't been too long since the push for ethanol was in full force. A quasi-government initiative that has a large impact on corn, and its volatility and pricing. The appearance of future demand was certainly there, and the price reflected that, but to what extent? Here's the thing about speculation, you just never know.

Also, what about when stocks get far ahead of themselves? We don't see curbs there.


(CROX) - Get Report

was a pre-split triple-digit stock not too long ago. Analysts were pumping


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American International Group

(AIG) - Get Report

at much higher prices. The list on the stock side goes on and on.

In the end, if you pay an artificially high price on a stock, it has a negative impending on your ending net worth and ability to spend. No, it is not as all reaching as oil, but it still has an impact. It is still speculation. We are quick to hold the speculators at fault when prices are high or the market is moving in a direction that doesn't favor "your" angle. But how do our beloved analysts from very influential companies walk away from this one without any chastising or responsibility?

Positions: None

Treasury Bonds Higher, Corporates Wider

By Tom Graff
8:48 a.m. EDT

Treasury bonds are bouncing overnight with stock futures down sharply. I expect a lot of volatility around Treasury prices, given the lack of any solid technical stops between 3.00% and 3.50%. Maybe we can do some work in the 3.30%s and establish levels, but it will be volatile in the interim.

Credit spreads have been widening as Treasury bonds rally. This is pretty typical when there is a large and rapid Treasury rally. Corporate bond buyers start choking on absolute yield levels and thus demand more spread. If you believe the Treasury rally will stick, even up to the 3.50% level, then high-quality corporates are a good play. Eventually corps will catch up with taxables.

Positions: Long LQD

Goldman Sachs and Tech

By Jim Cramer
9:33 a.m. EDT

I reiterate that a call on tech by Goldman can reverse the direction of the


. Plus, as Mike Huckman is saying on


, there are upgrades on the Web, on semi equipment and


(AAPL) - Get Report

, and I do not believe these can be irrelevant.

Positions: None

Long the QQQQ for a Trade

By Doug Kass
9:36 a.m. EDT

I followed Jim "El Capitan" Cramer's suggestion regarding the Goldman Sachs tech call, and I took a long rental in the

PowerShares QQQ


in premarket trading at $34.65.

Positions: Long QQQQ


By Tom Graff
11:32 a.m. EDT

CIT Group

(CIT) - Get Report

apparently won't be able to participate in the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program, the FDIC program that allowed banks to issue debt guaranteed by the federal government.

CIT's 7 5/8 issue due November 2012 is trading at $60; it had traded as high as $83.75 in June. CDS are now 38 points up front.

Positions: None

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