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1. A Medical Devices ETF If Brown Wins Today

By Don Dion

7:31 a.m. EST

Busy long weekend in my home state. First, Bill Clinton swung through the Bay State on Saturday before heading to Haiti to unload relief supplies. And on Sunday, Barack Obama visited Northeastern University to try to bail out Martha Coakley. As flurries fall in the Berkshire Hills this morning, change may be coming in Massachusetts. My ETF investment idea that could benefit from a Republican victory today is

iShares Medical Devices

(IHI) - Get Report

. Top holdings such as


(MDT) - Get Report


Boston Scientific

(BSX) - Get Report

have been held back over the past year with uncertainty surrounding the pending health care changes. Some of the clouds could go away tonight.

Long IHI.

2. Kraft, Cadbury, Currencies and Commodities

By Howard Simons

10:21 a.m. EST

One of the reasons many commodity-based business are either private, such as


, or widely diversified such as

Kraft Foods




(CAG) - Get Report

, is to mask commodity volatility for their shareholders. There's a reason most people do not spend their days trading sugar, dairy and other food-related commodities -- it's brutal.

Kraft's acquisition of



is going to magnify many of the purchasing risks on commodities as both firms of necessity are exposed to many of the same markets. Let's count that as a negative.

However, the increased geographic exposure Cadbury brings to the table will reduce the currency risk. Many of Cadbury's purchases are USD-denominated; most of its sales are either in European currencies or, increasingly, in currencies such as the Brazilian real or Indian rupee. This will give the combined entity much lower currency risk and should be an unalloyed positive.

No positions.


By Timothy Collins

11:09 a.m. EST

The tablet news was expected although


(AAPL) - Get Report

seems to do these spikes on rallies. However, I think the stock was held back due to options. It has done nothing extraordinary since a solid earnings announcement, and is bouncing off some good support levels from Friday. Also, with


(BIDU) - Get Report

getting absolutely hammered today, I think we are seeing some money flow from BIDU to AAPL. It is not showing in


(GOOG) - Get Report

. Also, with


(IBM) - Get Report

set to release, you may have a perceived correlated high beta play.

Overall though, I am not overly exciting by the technicals that I currently see, so I am reducing my position here at $212.50. I will be left with one-third of what I took in on Friday. I prefer options much more than stock when we get to these price points (3 figures).

Long AAPL stock.

4. Betting on Health Care

By Scott Rothbort

11:20 a.m. EST

Earlier today, I continued to exit some profitable holdings and migrate a bit more away from foreign-currency exposure.

Using ETFs, I sold out nearly all of my

iShares MSCI Brazil Index

(EWZ) - Get Report

, although I have a small residual position. With the proceeds, I made a bet on health care using the

iShares Dow Jones U.S. Healthcare Provider

(IHF) - Get Report

. I prefer to stay with the insurers rather than the pharmas, although I hold some

Warner Chilcott



UnitedHeatlh Group

(UNH) - Get Report

reports this week, and I want some exposure to that name.

Long EWZ, IHF and WCRX.

5. 3M Leads Dow

By Gary Morrow

2:55 p.m. EST


(MMM) - Get Report

is the top gainer in the


today. The stock is up just shy of 2% and is trading above its December highs. 3M leads a broad market advance that has 26 of the Dow members on the plus side. Overall volume is relatively light, but there is no doubt about the very robust price action. 3M, for its part, is benefitting from

positive comments at UBS


This surge has pushed the stock above its

Jan. 6 Goldman-inspired pop

, leaving behind another layer of support just above $84.00. It now appears that

Dec. 9's major breakout

has more upside to go.

No positions.

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