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Jim Cramer's 2 Reasons Markets Don't Care About Election Results

Biden or Trump? Jim Cramer says the stock market just doesn't care.

It is Wednesday, Nov. 4 and the race to 270 is still on, meaning that neither former vice president Joe Biden and President Donald Trump have enough electoral college votes to be declared a victor. 

Currently, Biden has 253 electoral college votes and President Trump has 214. 

Despite the lack of certainty, markets surged higher once again Wednesday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising 367 points, or 1.34%, to 27,847, the S&P 500 gaining 2.2% and the Nasdaq jumping 3.85%

The reason? Jim Cramer told you yesterday the market will roll on no matter who sits in the Oval and he said today's rally drives the point home

 "The fact we don't have an answer about who is President is oddly considered OK. One, because Trump is considered to be status quo, which is good. And the other is because Biden is considered to be less erratic," Cramer said. 

So what should investors do as they await the final election results? 

Jim Cramer discusses his thoughts on the 2020 Election, Trump, Biden, the auto industry, healthcare and a few of his favorite stocks: 

Trump declared victory before either candidate hit the necessary 270 electoral college votes in a speech held at the White House at 2:20 am E.T. Throughout his campaign and increasingly as results began to come in, Trump has questioned the integrity of the voting process. 

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As of Wednesday night, the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. 

Meanwhile, Biden has continued to advocate for patience and has expressed his belief in the American Democratic system. In a public address Wednesday afternoon stressing unity, Biden said he believes he will win the White House. However, he stopped short of declaring victory, saying all ballots must be counted. 

Cramer said he is has never seen an election so divisive. "This is chaos. If you want chaos with a gentle face, you get it with Biden. If you want chaos with histrionics, you get it with Trump....Before we say histrionics is enflamed term, I worked with Trump and he loved chaos," Cramer said. 

"How many of you who are critical of me right now....have ever worked for him [Trump] like I have," Cramer said. 

Daniel Kuhn reported reporting to this article. 

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