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Jim Cramer on Inflation, Gas Shortages, Oil, Roblox, fuboTV

Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross are discussing Roblox and FuboTV after earnings, Caterpillar, gas shortages, and inflation following Wedenday's CPI data.

Following Tuesday's selloff, Jim Cramer is discussing Roblox and FuboTV after earnings, Caterpillar, gas shortages, inflation and why he listens to David Tepper and Stan Druckenmiller LIVE at 10:30 a.m. ET in the video below: 

Is Roblox a Stock to Watch?

"For his next "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer also spoke with David Baszuki, founder and CEO of Roblox (RBLX) - Get Report, the digital gaming company that just posted their first earnings as a public company. Shares soared 21% on the news," wrote TheStreet's Scott Rutt in his Mad Money recap. "Baszuki said that every day, 43 million people come to the Roblox platform to learn and play together. That connectedness only grew during the pandemic, but Baszuki said it won't end once COVID is gone. People will go outside and travel and exercise, but there will remain a place for gaming, entertainment and Roblox."

"Roblox is a platform that fosters civility, Baszuki added, and is also a place where thousands of creators can turn their hobbies into businesses as well," he continued. "Cramer said Roblox is his top pick for stocks heading higher between now and next year's Super Bowl."

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The Enlightening Billionaires, According to Jim Cramer

Do we have too many billionaire investors? There was a time when being a billionaire investor was a real big deal. You wanted to listen to them and hang on their every word, or how else could they be billionaires?" Cramer wrote in his Wednesday morning Real Money column.

"These days, billionaires are millionaires a dozen. We can't even catalogue them and for the most part they made their billions being excellent fundraisers, or storied ladies and gents from private equity they didn't start themselves or private hedge funds that made some incredible moves either long ago or long enough ago that I don't pay attention much to what they have to say," he continued."

"But a billionaire always gets the mike, any mike, and there are very few that have different views than the following: the government is printing too much money, the Fed is buying too many bonds, the Fed chief is ignoring inflation which will not help anyone and that we are already about as good as it gets so why not taper purchases and start raising rates. That's obviously a very sound position, one that is pretty time honored and the only presumed billionaire I follow, Cathie Wood, seems to disagree. She's calling for a collapse in commodities which would then quell inflation and, talking her book, like everyone else, would bring her investing style back in favor. Wood does have history on her side in that giant waves of inflation actually do subside with tougher Fed action and her wildly expensive price on sales or "pre-revenue" stocks get their multiples back," Cramer wrote.

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