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Have the Semis Peaked? Jim Cramer Gives Nvidia, AMD a 'Hard Look'

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Peaking was the name of the game in Jim Cramer's latest column on Real Money.

"Peak is one of the most brutal terms in the stock lexicon. Peak means you are too late. Peak means it is over. Peak says sell now or forever hold your peace because you can only go down from here," Cramer wrote. 

Cramer told Action Alerts PLUS senior analyst Jeff Marks that this exploration of market peaks has left him with some questions when it comes to the semiconductor sector. 

"Maybe these stocks are not as cyclical as we think and there's tremendous demand for them out of sync with the economy," Cramer said. 

Noting that AMD  (AMD)  and Nvidia  (NVDA) , two Action Alerts PLUS holdings, are well off their highs, Cramer said it's time to "give a hard look to some of the stocks that are down." 

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