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This market can't seem to make up its mind, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Friday. That means for next week's trading, investors need to be picky and only choose stocks that aren't affected by China or trade.

Trade will be top of mind on Monday, Cramer said, as we wait to see if there will be any additional retaliation from China.

Earnings continue on Tuesday when Home Depot (HD) , TJX Companies (TJX) and Nordstrom (JWN) all report. Cramer said rainy weather could impact Home Depot's lucrative gardening season, but TJX should do well as that company buys merchandise, not from China, but from other retailers. As for Nordstrom, this full-price retailer is at a 52-week low, but Cramer found it compelling as the company may try again to take itself private.

Wednesday sees earnings from Home Depot rival Lowe's (LOW) and Target (TGT) . Cramer was a fan of Lowe's and said Target is also compelling at current levels with a 3.6% dividend yield.

Then on Thursday we hear from Best Buy (BBY) , a company greatly impacted by tariffs and the only one Cramer advised staying away from. He was bullish on Splunk (SPLK) however, as this company is doing great things in the cloud and has no China exposure.

Finally, on Friday, it's Foot Locker's (FL) turn to report and Cramer felt confident that the company should have good things to say.

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Executive Decision: Nvidia

For his "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with Jensen Huang, founder, president and CEO of chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA) , on location at the company's headquarters.

Huang said their headquarters houses 2,500 employees and was designed to encourage collaboration. Some of that work was on display, including cutting-edge artificial intelligence chips and supercomputers the size of candy bars.

When asked how he's able to lead a company to create such products, Huang said a CEO's job is to look 10 years into the future and to pivot and adapt to fast-changing conditions along the way. He said they began work on raytracing technology years ago, but only now will it define the next generation of computer graphics. The same will be true for artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and a host of other innovative technologies.

Huang was bullish on Nvidia's acquisition of Mellanox, saying that Mellanox had been a partner and is the best at connecting multiple systems together to create more powerful AI systems.

Turning to business topics, Huang said that after a long time of not offering guidance to investors, Nvidia will resume offering full year and quarterly guidance. He said the global need for more computing power will only increase and Nvidia will be there with the best technologies. 

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Executive Decision: Pinterest

In his second "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer sat down with Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest (PINS) , the online discovery service and recent IPO that saw its shares fell 13.4% after reporting its first quarterly earnings as a public company.

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Silbermann said despite now being public, he remains focused on Pinterest's users and providing them the best experience possible. He said Pinterest is not about keeping up with friends or following celebrities, it's about users and their interests, and discovering new ideas whether it be for meals, clothing or home remodeling.

Silbermann added that Pinterest is also business a suite of simple tools that allow businesses to share in the discovery process through advertising. He said the two goals don't have to conflict with each other, then can grow in harmony, which was seen by the company's 26% growth in revenue per user.

Pinterest is unique in its visual nature, Silbermann said. Most people can't explain their clothing style or their favorite living room with just a few keywords, but if they see it on Pinterest, they will instantly know what they like and be able to save and share it.

Executive Decision: Proofpoint 

For his next "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer also sat down with Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint (PFPT) , the cybersecurity company with shares that are up 43% for the year.

Steele said that hackers have shifted from targeting infrastructure to targeting people. This trend began with email but now it's expanding into other areas. That's why Proofpoint helps prevent a single hacked account from compromising entire networks.

Steele added that in the era of cloud computing, many companies need to rethink their security strategy. Previously, they needed to protect their perimeters, but now with the cloud, there are no perimeters. And in a world of global turmoil, threats continue to increase on a global scale. That's why Proofpoint has partnerships with Microsoft (MSFT) , Okta (OKTA) and many other players in the technology world.

When asked what individuals can do to protect themselves, Steele advised turning on 2-factor authentication wherever it is offered.

Trade Coalition? 

In his "No-Huddle Offense" segment, Cramer said the U.S. might not be alone in the trade war anymore, as President Trump may be slowly coaxing Germany, Japan, Canada and Mexico into joining us in the fight for fair trade.

Cramer said investors need to realize that the hardliners in our administration are perfectly fine with rolling back the clock to a time when China was not a free and open trade partner, but investors also need to realize that the impact of that outcome might not be as bad as we've been led to believe.

Lightning Round

In the Lightning Round, Cramer was bullish on Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA) , Merck (MRK) , IAC Interactive (IAC) , Yext (YEXT) and Abbott Laboratories (ABT) .

Cramer was bearish on DaVita (DVA)

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