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Polcari: The Reddit Crowd Aren't 'Long-Term Investors'

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AMC is once again hitting headlines on Friday, June 4. The stock is up in intraday trading in the early Friday afternoon.

The company may seek another round of capital raising.

CEO Adam Aron made the case, which would give the company the ability to pursue "value creation opportunities" for its army of retail investors.

Aron said the 25 million request was a "more measured proposal" than the 500 million share request floated earlier this spring, which Aron said at the time would bolster the group's cash reserves and help reduce its debt load.

"To successfully navigate the road ahead, we seek to assemble all of the financial tools that might help us. An important tool for any company is having shares available to issue if, and only if, the right value creation opportunity arises," Aron said in a statement. "We have been listening carefully to the sentiments being expressed by our shareholders, and this more measured proposal is important to give AMC the flexibility to respond to future value creation opportunities for the benefit of AMC and all of its shareholder owners.”

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