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Nvidia vs. Apple: How Jim Cramer Approaches the Stocks Differently

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Own it, don't trade it? 

During Jim Cramer's monthly members-only Action Alerts PLUS call, a member asked if they should treat Nvidia  (NVDA) - Get Free Report like Apple  (AAPL) - Get Free Report

For years, Cramer has stressed that Apple is stock to hold onto rather than actively trade, despite frequent upgrades and downgrades from top Wall Street analysts. 

So it it time for Nvidia to receive the same treatment? 

Despite loving Nvidia enough to name, not one, but two of his beloved dogs after the company, Cramer said his strategy toward the stocks has more to do with the analysts mentioned above than the companies themselves. 

"The Apple 'own it don't trade it' [mantra] has more to do with how the analysts handle it than it does in Nvidia. Nvidia, all the analysts love it and it's correct to love it because it's consistent," Cramer said. 

Apple is a different story altogether, Cramer said. "They're [analysts] are constantly upgrading and downgrading, upgrading and downgrading, saying bad things about it," Cramer said. 

"Apple is what I like to call a football stock, the analysts love to downgrade it, play it, trade it, and I'm saying 'no,' just own it," Cramer explained. 

While Nvidia stock also can go down like any great company, Cramer said its consistent treatment by Wall Street makes it much more trade-able. 

Disagree? Cramer would likely tell you to file your complaints with famed Apple analysts Toni Sacconaghi and Katy Huberty. 

To learn more about how Cramer approaches Apple, Nvidia and every stock in the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio, head to AAP and trial the club today. 

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