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Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: Disney, Virgin Galactic, Meme Stocks

TheStreet's Jim Cramer trains his sharp eye on Disney, Virgin Galactic and meme stocks.

Stocks declined after consumer inflation in June rose unexpectedly and earnings season began with reports from JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.

TheStreet's Jim Cramer spoke with Action Alerts PLUS senior analyst Jeff Marks about a variety of topics, including Disney  (DIS) - Get Report, Virgin Galactic  (SPCE) - Get Report and meme stocks.

Disney: 'Changes Are for good'

Cramer turned his attention to Disney's film "Black Widow," which he watched from his home. He said the changes in movie viewing sparked by the COVID-19 shutdown would be permanent.

The Marvel film generated an estimated $80 million in ticket sales in North America in its box-office debut, along with $78 million from international theaters and at least $60 million in Disney+ Premier Access Rentals.

"I love the convenience of watching," he said. "I think Disney is very smart because the movie is so good and it's only $30. They priced it so it would be the same price as a movie theater."

"If you're taking a family of four," Marks said.

Cramer said he also saved money on candy and soda.

"The whole shebang cost 3 bucks," he said. "Remember, everything's overpriced at the movie theater. That's where they make their money. And we didn't give it to them."

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Virgin Galactic: 'It's an Emotional Stock.'

On Sunday, entrepreneur Richard Branson and a five-member flight crew completed a Virgin Galactic test flight on its VSS Unity space plane with plans to launch space tourism trips next year.

The shares fell more than 17% in Monday's trading after the company said in a filing that it may sell up to $500 million of stock. Virgin Galactic was down 3.7% at last check.

"Virgin Galactic is an emotional stock," Cramer said. "It's had a remarkable run, but it's a fun stock and that draws people in. I prefer Tesla  (TSLA) - Get Report. I think Tesla is a huge buy here. Virgin Galactic, not so much."

Meme Stocks: 'Beware the Pump and Dump.'

Cramer also warned investors about the pitfalls of meme stocks, noting that the ones away from  (AMC) - Get Report and GameStop  (GME) - Get Report appear to be crooked. 

"They seem to me to be pump and dumps," Cramer said.

Cramer cited the case of a small Chinese firm that makes flat panel screens and has not updated its financials since 2018, apparently referring to Sgoco  (SGOC) - Get Report, which soared Monday, but tumbled on Tuesday.

"It’s beyond me that this stuff is allowed," he said. "It's beyond me that you could have a Chinese stock that could be ramped like this, but they’re ramping it."

There is no reason for this kind of activity, he continued.

"And to me if there's no reason for it," Cramer said, "that means you buy it first and then sell it when it peaks. ... That's called pumping and dumping."