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When the facts change, people are forced to change their minds, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Monday. For short sellers, that means a whole lot of stocks are about to abruptly change direction.

For months, we've been told that that auto sales were about to slump, as the market had reached "peak autos." But all of that changed after two hurricanes claimed tens of thousands of vehicles in the blink of an eye. Cramer said that shares of Magna International (MGA) are benefiting from this change of fortunes, and General Motors (GM) just hit 52-week highs.

The second short thesis was "peak housing," another assumption that was proven wrong by the weather. Natural disasters mean a lot of rebuilding, which is how United Rentals (URI) has rallied 15% in just the past month.

Other sectors on the move include defense -- especially with today's news that Northrop Grumman (NOC) is buying Orbital ATK (OA) . Cramer said he likes every one of the defense stocks. He was also bullish on the banks, where the thesis of a flat yield curve forever dampening earnings was also proven wrong as rates began to tick higher.

New Name for the CEO Wall of Shame 

A CEO has to screw up pretty bad for Cramer to add them to his Wall of Shame list of the worst CEOs in America. But that was the case on Monday, when Cramer added Richard Smith, chairman and CEO of credit reporting agency Equifax (EFX) , to the top spot on the Wall of Shame for his involvement in what will likely go down as the worst data breach in history.

On Sept. 7, Equifax announced that up 143 million Americans may have had sensitive information, including Social Security numbers and driver's licenses, stolen by hackers. Making matters worse, Cisco Systems (CSCO) had alerted Equifax of the vulnerability more than two months earlier, but the company neglected to install the patch to correct it.

Cramer said it appears hackers virtually had free run of Equifax's databases for weeks and the company didn't notice.

Compounding the problem, several executive insiders sold shares just after the company discovered the breach.

The company also neglected to inform the public for almost two weeks, and their "remedy" of one free year of credit monitoring included a clause that prevented consumers from suing the company later.

Cramer said simply that Smith needs to be fired, immediately. He said the situation could not have been managed more poorly at every single step of the way and Equifax's board of directors is asleep at the wheel.

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Nvidia: More Than a Pet Name

Always beware your fellow shareholders, Cramer reminded viewers. Many individual investors just pile into hot stocks without even knowing what those companies do, and those will be the shareholders who run for the exit at the first sign of any weakness.

There will always be stocks that act like rocket ships, Cramer said, recalling many names from his 30 years as a trader, from oil drillers and mini-computers to the dot-com boom. But as fast as these stocks rise, they tend to fall just as fast, especially when many shareholders have no idea what the company does.

That's why Cramer has temporarily renamed his dog (also known as Everest) "Mr. Nvidia," calling attention to the euphoria that surrounds this semiconductor (NVDA)  maker that makes the best chips for gaming, autonomous driving and the data centers that make cloud computing possible.

Nvidia is a real company with real earnings and a tremendously bright future, Cramer said, but as a hot stock, it will sell off from time to time -- sometimes a lot. That will scare off many investors who haven't done their research, he concluded but for the rest of us, who know the truth, these selloffs should be the times you buy more.

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Executive Decision: Zagg

For his "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer sat down with Randy Hales, president and CEO of mobile-device accessory maker Zagg Inc.  (ZAGG) , a stock that's more than doubled so far this year.

Hales explained that Zagg has had a long relationship with both Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN) and has great momentum going into the launch of the new iPhone X. He said Zagg operates as a house of brands, including Mophie, the No. 1 power management brand. The company is also No. 2 in tablet keyboards.

When asked about performance, Hales explained that Zagg does a superior job of monitoring inventory and adjusting to meet consumer demand. They've used their third-party sales model to learn a lot about their customers and, beginning this year, will use a first-party sales model as well.

Cramer said Zagg products are must for people on the go.

Lightning Round

In the Lightning Round, Cramer was bullish on U.S. Concrete (USCR) , Alder Biopharmaceuticals (ALDR) , Dish Network (DISH) , Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) and Travelport Worldwide (TVPT) .

Cramer was bearish on Ballard Power Systems (BLDP) .

Is Teleflex a Dark Horse? 

The medical device stocks have been on fire this year, averaging 42% gains for 2017. But one company, Teleflex (TFX)  , has soared more than 50% and may still have room to run.

Despite its remarkable performance, no one talks about Teleflex, Cramer said. After a disappointing quarter in October 2016, where the company met earnings but cut its forecasts, Teleflex has since posted three earnings beats in a row and made two transformative acquisitions that will be additive to earnings.

Shares of Teleflex trade at 25 times earnings, or just 22 times 2019 forecasts. Cramer said that's inexpensive for a medical device stock that continues to grow while becoming a superior operator.

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