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Market Recap With Jim Cramer: Ark Invest, Apple, Buzz ETF

TheStreet recaps the best stories with Jim Cramer from the past week including Buzz ETF, Cathie Wood and Ark Invest, Boeing, Apple and more.

In the last month, the Nasdaq has fallen 780 points, or 5.66%, as investors start looking at potential stocks that could be reopening plays. There's been a rise in some travel stocks as vaccine distribution improves and President Biden promises there will be enough vaccines for every adult by the end of May.

Jim Cramer shares his stock market advice every morning on Jim Cramer Today with Katherine Ross. Readers can also read Cramer's market coverage with the Morning Bell, Stock Market Today and the Mad Money Recap.

Buzz ETF Launches Thursday

The VanEck Social Sentiment ETF, which will trade under BUZZ, launches on Thursday. BUZZ will invest in the stocks that are receiving the most positive sentiment on the internet and social media by using artificial intelligence.

Cramer shared his thoughts on Dave Portnoy and the ETF BUZZ.

Cathie Wood and ARK Invest

Cathie Wood and ARK Invest have taken the investing world by storm in the past year as its big bet on Tesla  (TSLA)  has paid off. Wood announced that she bought more shares of Tesla this past week. Ark Innovation ETF has taken a hit in the past month as tech stocks in the Nasdaq have fallen.

Cramer talked about the phenomenon of Wood and what she's been able to do in this bull market run.

Reopening Stocks to Watch

Cramer talked about the stocks to make a bet on that will benefit from the reopening of our economy. The theme of this episode of Mad Money was 'Don't miss the train to Boom Town.' He shared his best stock picks for a strong, post-COVID reopening.

Cramer recently discussed when to find an opportunity to buy a reopening stock.

An Opportunity to in Apple

Warren Buffet gave his approval to Apple  (AAPL)  as one of his favorite companies, which Cramer reiterated is a positive because Buffett and really crush a stock when he sells it. 

With Apple stock down over 5% on the year and Cramer believes this could be an opportunity to buy the Action Alerts PLUS holding.

Still a Champion of Boeing

After the engine failure on a United Airlines flight in Denver, the FAA has requested increased inspections of its Boeing 777 airplanes. Cramer announced that he's still a champion of Boeing and the  (BA)  stock is up over 7% since he reinforced his support for the airline manufacturer.

Roaring Kitty vs. The Suits on GameStop

A couple weeks ago, Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, and Vlad Tenev, CEO of Robinhood, testified in front of members of the House Financial Services Committee. Cramer penned a column on the GameStop  (GME)  hearing to review the events.

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