'Mad Money' Mailbag: Wait Before Jumping Into Tempur-Pedic

Cramer believes this mattress company is a broken company, not a broken stock.
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Editor's Note: The following are questions received from viewers of "Mad Money," seen every day at 6 p.m. EDT on CNBC.

I'm confused. I did my homework on Tempur-Pedic (TPX) - Get Report, and the fundamentals look good. The mattress company has solid profit growth, and I tried out the product at a bedding store! So why, then, are you so bearish on the company?-- Dan from Illinois

James J. Cramer:

Maybe you didn't see the massive profit warning this company delivered last week? But seriously, I believe this is a broken company, not a broken stock.

Even if you don't buy into all of the bearish arguments that my friend Herb Greenberg has about Tempur-Pedic -- and he has exposed many one-trick ponies in the past -- the company does appear to have some problems. With that in mind, stay on the sidelines for now, and wait for the dust to settle.

How do you like US Bancorp (USB) - Get Report? It pays a solid 4% dividend.-- Dan from Fargo, N.D.


I used to own US Bancorp in my charitable trust, but I'm no longer a fan of the large-cap financials. Even with the company's pledge to return cash to shareholders in the form of dividends and stock buybacks, I believe that earnings will shrink in the financial sector, given the current interest rate environment.

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