Editor's note: The following are questions received from viewers of "Mad Money," seen every day at 6 p.m. EST on CNBC.

You recommended Newell Rubbermaid (NWL) - Get Report a while back, and the stock is still trading around $26, even though the company recently posted strong quarterly results. What are your latest thoughts?-- Jerry from California

Jim Cramer

: First of all, this is a stock I own for my charitable trust,

Action Alerts PLUS. The company is in the midst of a successful turnaround, though many investors have yet to forgive Newell for the many mistakes of its prior management team. I believe the rest of the market will ultimately see the light, but in the meantime, the stock remains attractive for its secure 3.2% dividend yield.

What are your top mutual funds for investors who don't have enough money or time to properly maintain a diversified portfolio of individual stocks?-- Ken from Los Angeles

Jim Cramer

: One of my favorite mutual funds over the years is

Legg Mason Aggressive Growth

(SHRAX; formerly Smith Barney Aggressive Growth). It is managed by Richie Freeman, who consistently outperforms his peers and the broader market averages.

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Newell Rubbermaid.

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