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Mad Money Mailbag: Mutual Fund M.O.

A viewer asks Cramer why mutual funds close to new investors.

Editor's Note: The following are questions received from viewers of "Mad Money," seen every day at 6 p.m. EDT on CNBC.

Jim, I wanted to buy the (FLPSX) - Get Fidelity Low-Priced Stock Report Fidelity Low-Priced Stock Fund, but it is closed to new investors. Why do mutual funds close up like this? -- Gianluca from New York

James J. Cramer:

Many money managers feel that the bigger a fund gets, the harder it is to outperform the markets.

Smaller funds find it easier to enter and exit positions without moving the market price, and they can concentrate more money into their favorite ideas, especially in the case of small-cap stocks.

Big funds often end up owning hundreds of stocks and effectively turn themselves into index funds with higher fees.

How can I listen to a company's conference calls?-- Marius from Arizona

James J. Cramer:

The easiest way to listen to a conference call is to go to the company's Web site. Most companies provide links and/or phone numbers for their conference calls in the investor relations section of their Web sites. You do not have to be a shareholder to listen.

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Where can I find the short interest on a stock?-- Luke from California

James J. Cramer:

The quickest way to find out the short interest on a particular stock is to go to either the




Web sites. Just be careful -- the data are only updated once per month, so they are not always accurate.

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