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Editor's Note: The following are questions received from viewers of "Mad Money," seen every day at 6 p.m. EDT on CNBC.

How about answering your emails? You advertise the address on the show, but never write back. -- Bruce from Ohio

James J. Cramer:

Here you have it. I answer some of the hundreds of questions that come in every day on this page.

St. Joe (JOE) - Get St. Joe Company Report is down 8 points since reporting 66% earnings growth and raising its forward outlook. Are there more rocky days ahead?-- Christine from Rochester, N.Y.

James J. Cramer:

This is a stock I own for my charitable trust -- and in fact, I bought some earlier in the week. (To see all of the holdings in my charitable trust, visit


It is not surprising to see a company's shares pull back after a recent rally, even when it reports strong earnings. That said, I continue to believe the company's 800,000 acres of land in Florida are being undervalued by the market.

We are overweight in Apple Computer (AAPL) - Get Apple Inc. Report. Is this a good short-term strategy?-- Mark from Missouri

James J. Cramer:

I expect we'll see strength in the tech sector in the coming months, but it will be led by demands for the most popular products. On the consumer side, Apple is leading the pack with its iPod, which continues to fly off the shelves. Even so, when you say you're overweight the stock, in order to be diversified, no investor should ever have more than 25% of his or her portfolio in one security.

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I was looking at Net2Auction (NAUC.PK) -- (NAUC) . What does the 'PK' stand for?-- Judy from California

James J. Cramer:

That means your stock is traded on the Pink Sheets. This is equivalent to the Wild West of the market, where fraud and stock manipulation occur all-too frequently. I would generally advise that individuals avoid these names.

Why do stocks go down every time that oil goes up? When will the market price in the fact that energy prices are going to remain high?-- Jason from Florida

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James J. Cramer:

This is a great question -- one that I've been asking for many months. I believe that the economy can grow and stocks can gradually rise even if energy prices remain high. Just like when interest rates or inflation are moving one way or the other, this situation only means that we must shift investment styles to account for the higher oil prices.

Why are the utility stocks a popular investment?-- Chris from Virginia

James J. Cramer:

While some folks argue that the electric, gas and water utilities are already too expensive, they do have many attractive characteristics for long-term investors. For one thing, utilities tend to offer above-average dividends. I'd also suggest sticking with the companies that operate in regulated markets, where selling prices and margins are more stable.

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