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Mad Money Mailbag: How to Invest All Over the World

A viewer learns how Cramer finds information on foreign companies.

Editor's note: The following are questions received from viewers of "Mad Money," seen every day at 6 p.m. EST on CNBC.

I would like to invest in foreign companies, but how can I do my homework if they don't have SEC filings?-- Chris from Colorado

James J. Cramer:

This is a good question. In fact, many foreign-based companies do file financials with the

Securities and Exchange Commission

. The equivalent of a 10-K annual filing in the U.S. is a 20-F for these firms.

You also bring up a good point about homework and individual stocks. If viewers don't have time to devote to doing their research, I believe they're better served by a mutual fund. This is especially true for foreign stocks, as there are so many more economic and political issues in play. A good mutual fund also offers investors instant diversification.

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