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Jim Cramer Says Twilio Will Do Well If Inflation Is Peaking

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Jim Cramer had some thoughts about stocks to eye in his most recent Real Money column.

"Clean up in aisle seven!" wrote Cramer. "When you hear that in a supermarket, you have to brace yourself for the mess if you need something in seven. Or, it means nothing at all to you, because you are not in that aisle and don't want to go there."

"And so it goes with the stock market, which has a series of aisles -- some of which need cleanup badly, namely the industrials and the financials, and some of which have high demand and it's tough to keep the merchandise on the shelves," he continued. "Here's the problem. Most people simply refuse to recognize it is a market of stocks. They've been pretty much brainwashed that they should be in index funds, so I don't blame them. When really rich managers come on CNBC, they are often so big that they can only be trading the stock market. They would overwhelm most stocks if they tried to get big in them and it is easier for them just to trade the S&P 500 futures which, of course, contain every aisle."

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