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Jim Cramer's Jobs Report Takeaway: We Can't Find the Workers

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A Super-V recovery?

"Sometimes, reality can be a lot better than our expectations, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Thursday. Last year, in the depths of the pandemic, no one thought that science would prevail over COVID-19 so quickly, or that our economy could sustain so many shutdowns and supply chain interruptions," wrote TheStreet's Scott Rutt in his Mad Money recap. "As the pandemic wore on, pundits began to speculate on what shape the recovery would take. First, they predicted an L-shaped recovery with no upside. Later, they thought we might see a W-shaped recovery with a surge from stimulus payments, followed by a second decline."

"But while investors speculated, consumers took their stimulus checks and invested in their homes, paid down debt and boosted their savings. Younger people invested their checks in the stock market. And eventually, American science prevailed, creating highly effective vaccines in less than a year," Rutt wrote. "What we ended up with wasn't an L, or a W, or a U or even a V, but rather a "Super-V," where it appears stocks are much better off than they were before the pandemic. The implications of such a strong recovery are only now becoming obvious, Cramer said, and that's why stocks are able to continue powering higher."

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