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Jim Cramer has unveiled his "Five Ways to Spot a Market Bottom," saying that he's learned to look for "five signals [that] allow us to say: 'Go ahead, be bigger here. We are at last at the right level.'"

"When you look at all of [the current market and economic] variables, I think you have to come out pretty darned positive. [That's] why I thought that we were hitting a bottom last week and were ready to run again," Cramer said in his latest private call with members of his Action Alerts PLUS club for investors.

"We [recently] turned buyer -- not seller -- and have pretty much stayed that way," the stockpicker said. "In fact, hardly a moment goes by when I don't pester my team with: 'What can we buy?'"

Cramer said that's because current market conditions have mostly met his five rules for spotting a market bottom:

  • Rule No. 1. Don't stay too negative when the market sees a crescendo of sell volume and noted bears have begun to turn bullish.
  • Rule No. 2. Concentrated, large buying from insiders can't be ignored and most likely should be embraced.
  • Rule No. 3. When a particular company faces a persistent parade of bad corporate news but its stock stops going down, you have the possibility of a very good, lasting bottom.
  • Rule No. 4. Look for high-quality companies that have become "accidental" high yielders -- offering 4% or better yields not due to dividend hikes, but because their stocks' prices have fallen so much.
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  • Rule No. 5. If a company with a good track record of buying back stock announces a new buyback program (especially one representing more than a fifth of the firm's market capitalization), management likely believes that the stock has bottomed out.

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