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Jim Cramer's Tips For Protecting Your Portfolio in a 'No-Win Market'

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Are we in a no-win situation?

That's what Jim Cramer dug into in his Real Money column from Tuesday.

"Was it all Janet Yellen? When the Treasury head says that rates may have to rise because of overheating, you are going to get plenty a negative reaction, and that's just what's happening today," he wrote. "I think we are at a critical juncture where we are going to lose the sunshine patriots and the summer soldiers. They are going to clear out because they can't take the pain. And I can't blame them as they are getting their clock cleaned."

"It is hard to figure out what to do. Take tech. Half the people seem to be selling, because the shortage in chips is playing havoc with the entire supply chain, including other tech companies and the other half are selling, because they believe that there will be so many chips produced this time next year that this is the peak," Cramer continued. 

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