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Jim Cramer Says Buy American Eagle Outfitters Stock 'Right Now'

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts on how investors should approach stocks right now.

"There are two ways to make money on Wall Street. There's the easy way and there's the hard way. But Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Tuesday that the easy money is always the best kind of gain. And in a market that's prevailed against interest rates, Bitcoin, the meme stocks, and shortages of just about everything, don't we all deserve a little easy money?" TheStreet's Scott Rutt wrote in his Mad Money recap.

"The easiest way to make money is to buy what you know, stocks you don't have to think about, or worse, stay up at night worrying about. Cramer offered up a list of five "buy what you know" stocks," he continued.

And Cramer himself wrote, in a Real Money column on Tuesday, "We've endured the meme stock craziness, with all of its love for heavily shorted stocks. We have watched the collapse of bitcoin to levels viewed as shocking, even if they are still more than double where they were not that long ago. We've dealt with Fed officials making it clear that they are no longer on the side of the bulls or the bears. They are on the side of job growth, but are wary of inflation. We've seen the end of the rush to get vaccines, which means that millions of people are going to get the new COVID variant, because there is no natural immunity to it. We've watched as the hopes for an infrastructure bill have collapsed. We've endured shortages of everything from chips to plastic to imported goods and labor."

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