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Jim Cramer Talks Rome and the Rise of the AMD Server CPU Empire

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In case you missed it, AMD (AMD) - Get Free Report announced a slew of new chips during its EPYC event in San Francisco on August 7.

With aggressive pricing, the company's newest Rome chips will be taking on a market traditionally dominated by Intel (INTC) - Get Free Report , seeking to build its exposure in the server CPUs.

Who will rise and who will fall in the industry? Jim Cramer said the answer is simple, who has the better pricing and the better chips?

Better chips, better mousetrap, better chips than Intel. Winning big business that might have one time been Intel's. Stock goes higher.

Real Money's Tech Columnist Eric Jhonsa sat with CEO Lisa Su for a 20 minute interview.  We have the full video available for you. It's right here!

For more on AMD, don't miss when Real Money and TheStreet's Eric Jhonsa interviews CEO Lisa SU. Catch the exclusive interview soon on  

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