Jim Cramer: Before You Look for Recession, Search for Bargains

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Jim Cramer and Action Alerts PLUS research analyst Zev Fima broke down this morning's market action as stocks turnaround from declines earlier in the week.

 Topping our watch list? BRIC, the 10-year treasury yield, AMD (AMD) - Get Report and Lyft (LYFT) - Get Report .

Just Another Bric in the Wall

 So what is BRIC?

Cramer borrowed Jim O'Neill's acronym BRIC, representing Brazil, Russia, India and China, to gauge the impact of eroding U.S. relations with China.

Is the final brick, China, going to cause larger problems for the global economy? Cramer breaks down what investors need to do now.

Is the 10-Year the Boy Who Cried Wolf?

Recent declines in the 10-year treasury note had the recession bells ringing once again across Wall Street.

Instead of hitting the panic button and calling it quits, is your time better spent looking for bargains?

AMD's Rome and the Collapse of the Intel CPU Empire

Could AMD's newest chips steal away some of Intel's (INTC) - Get Report 's server CPU dominance? Jim Cramer takes a look ahead of Real Money and TheSteet's Eric Jhonsa's interview with AMD CEO Lisa SU.

Beware of the Lyft Drift

Cramer has previously warned of the potential market impact of an IPO-apocalypse. Is the end of Lyft's lockup period on August 19 the beginning of the end.

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