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You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: Jim Cramer on the Markets and PepsiCo Earnings

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If you thought blue skies were on the horizon, think again. 

Following a series of market plunges that have left the Dow Jones Industrial Average shedding over 1000 points over the past three days, Wall Street is increasingly hitting the panic button. 

The bad news is, Jim Cramer doesn't see the markets changing any time soon. "You ain't seen nothing yet," Cramer said during TheStreet's daily live show on the New York Stock Exchange

Outside of a series of disappointing data from the ISM, Cramer says the retaliatory moves by the Trump administration, namely, the recent announcement of new tariffs on the EU, are dragging on the market.

Though Cramer conceded that the full impact is yet to be seen. "It's early," Cramer cautioned.  

So is it time to cut and run? 

Negative. Cramer said now is the time to start taking small bites at stocks including Real Money Stock of the Day PepsiCo (PEP) - Get Free Report

Catch Cramer's full take on the markets in the video above. 

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