What Implications Could Jeffrey Epstein's Death Have for Wall Street?

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Jeffrey Epstein was found dead of apparent suicide over the weekend as his awaited a trial on sex-trafficking charges. 

Epstein, was arrested July 6 after federal prosecutors in Manhattan indicted him on two counts related to sex trafficking of minors, which together carry a maximum sentence of 45 years in prison.

News of his death over the weekend carried into trader discussions in early morning trading Monday as questions and speculation abound. 

Jim Cramer said Epstein's death eliminates the privacy that may have once been associated with the case, as Wall Street wonders which of its colleagues may have been involved with Epstein financially. 

"He was a hedge fund manager. Who covered his account? Who dealt with him directly? Did he trade stocks? Where are the stocks? What did he do with the money?" Cramer asked. 

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