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Jim Cramer: 'Beware of the Wall Street Hype' and Other Investing Rules

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TheStreet founder and portfolio manager Jim Cramer warns about receiving stock advice from talking heads on television.

Here's Jim Cramer's 25 Rules to Investing:

  1. Bulls, bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered
  2. It's okay to pay the taxman
  3. Don't buy all at once
  4. Buy damaged stocks, not damaged companies
  5. Diversify to control risk
  6. Do your stock homework
  7. No one made a dime by panicking
  8. Buy best-of-breed companies
  9. Defend some stocks, not all
  10. Bad boys won't become takeovers
  11. Don't own too many stocks
  12. Cash is for winners
  13. No woulda, shoulda, coulda
  14. Expect, don't fear corrections
  15. Don't forget about bonds
  16. Never Subsidize losers with winners
  17. Check hope at the door
  18. Be flexible
  19. When the chiefs retreat, so should you
  20. Giving up on Value is a sin
  21. Be a tv critic
  22. Wait 30 days after warnings
  23. Beware the wall street hype
  24. Explain your picks
  25. There's always a bear market

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