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Jim Cramer Reveals His Best Investing Advice for a Volatile Market

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First of all, don't panic. Jim Cramer did warn that choppiness was here to stay.

Following a rally Tuesday, stocks plunged at the open after a series of central bank rate cuts across the globe.

Naturally, America's Tweeter-in-chief Donald Trump immediately took to Twitter, resuming his call for a more aggressive Fed. Trump said the problem for the U.S. isn't China, it's a weak Fed.

While markets have since moved away from the lows of the day, you can guarantee more volatility ahead. 

As investors weigh the implications of a prolonged trade war paired with renewed signs of recession, is it time to cut and run from the markets?

During TheStreet's Daily Live Show, Jim Cramer broke down how investors should approach trading as we head into the dog days of summer.

Catch what he had to say in the video above.

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