Jim Cramer: I Think Delta Is Going to 'Wind Down'

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Jim Cramer's got a warning to investors around the market. He detailed his thoughts in a Real Money column late Wednesday, Sept. 8.

"I don't want to waste your time. The reasons I want you to be ready for volatility -- a Wall Street code word for a selloff -- are myriad and I want to tick them down right now," Cramer wrote. "First, I am a huge believer that the stock market is driven not just by the Fed, although I know most in the media think the Fed is all that matters, but about how companies are doing. Earnings, sales, the pedestrian day-to-day stuff is what I care about because it's what drives the vast majority of individual moves."

"The numbers, the reports, have been phenomenal for ages. We have been spoiled by earnings surprises seemingly forever, positive earnings surprises," he continued. 

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