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Why Jim Cramer Urges Investors to Approach Earnings Season With Caution

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 Another day, another chance for a little education.

Though markets aren't far from all-time highs, the need for clarity from the Federal Reserve, and earnings season, has left markets searching for direction.

Investors are closely watching Fed Chair Jerome Powell's two-day congressional testimony for any clues to whether the Fed will cut interest rates and by how much.

But people are also keeping a close eye on earnings season.

TheStreet founder and Action Alerts Plus portfolio manager Jim Cramer shared his best tips:

"I always say please do your own work if you're buying things because the futures are up," said Cramer.

"You have to look at how companies are doing because if you just follow the S&P and you go buy say everything that's Fintech like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, that's great. Okay, that's great until they report. Now I think that American Express may not be that great. Visa should be good. Mastercard for your own, which we own for Action Alerts PLUS, is fantastic. But I'm still urging people to look at individual stocks because when you get sucked into buying things because of the futures during earning season you get hurt. Look there are 12 weeks a year where I will say that if you get sucked into buying, cause of futures you could get hurt by earnings," he continued.

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