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Jim Cramer Explains Where to Find Opportunity Tanked by Trade Talk

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Consider your summer vacation over.

Stocks tanked in early trading Monday after China allowed the yuan to fall to its lowest level against the U.S. dollar since May of 2008, as ongoing trade tensions between the world's two largest economies continue to escalate.

President Donald Trump responded by calling the move "currency manipulation."

Is it time for investors to cut their losses and run?

In his morning column on Real Money, Jim Cramer says there is still opportunity out there for the savvy investor. "Remember always, right or wrong, stocks go down and then you pick among the wrongly judged on the fifth day: We are on the lookout for these today, but there won't be many given the height we are falling from," Cramer wrote.

So where do you find opportunity in a market like this?

Catch Cramer's market roadmap in the video above.

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