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Jim Cramer: How Evergrande Could Impact the Cryptocurrency Market

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Jim Cramer had a simple piece of advice for cryptocurrency investors in his latest column on Real Money: It's OK to take a profit. While Cramer maintained he's a believer in cryptocurrency, he wrote that logic requires acting before profits become losses.

"But make no mistake about it, unlike our banks, you are at the most vulnerable area of the U.S. spectrum. If the Chinese communists looked with favor on crypto it would be something different. But they don't. I know the younger people never want to hear sell from me. But let's do this: if you have a big gain don't let it become a loss. Sell some, stay long the rest and then we will reconfigure if the PRC changes its mind and stops being the nemesis of Evergrande and all cryptocurrencies," Cramer wrote. 

In the video above, Cramer explained the role the ongoing Evergrande crisis played in guiding his thesis. 

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