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A Tale of Two Bob's: Jim Cramer on Disney Under Iger vs. Chapek

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Jim Cramer explained the difference in Disney  (DIS) - Get Free Report under former CEO Bob Iger and current CEO Bob Chapek and what you can learn from understanding the person sitting in the C-Suite in this sneak peek from his September Action Alerts PLUS members-only conference call. 


Let's go back to Disney for a second.

Chapek is different from Iger, OK? It doesn't mean he's bad. I mean, he's good. He's very thoughtful.

Let me give you why, one of the reasons why. Like why did I like Bob Iger so much? And by the way, his book was just amazing.

When you talk to Bob Iger, you say, how are you doing? He's fine. Good to see the stock rebound.

And then you say to him, I'm playing quiz. And he goes, kid had a good weekend. I say, you're playing him? He goes, no, now it's up to my kids. Aw, come on. He's a big Green Bay fan.

So I mention this, why? Because I want to tell you as a portfolio manager, this man established connections, connecting with you. It's not a connection based on, hey, psst, the theme parks are doing well. It's not based on that.

He finds things that you're interested in and he's interested in. And he knew in 2009-- my daughter was at BYU at the time. My daughter, she had a nine year plan to get through college. Because after a few years, when you transfer, they don't get your credits.

So I was stuck in a room waiting for her to finish class. And it was 2009. And I call Shefter. Adam Schepp from ESPN's my buddy. And I said, I'm going to call Bob Iger. And I'm going to tell him that fantasy has been huge.

So I called him. I said, listen, Bob, fantasy, do you play? He said, eh. And I said, well, look, I was one of the first fantasy players. In 1980 I played fantasy. Lost a lot of money and kind of had a problem paying back.

And I said, one day you're going to go to fantasy. And you're going to be ads all over the place. And there's going to be companies advertising. And fantasy's going to be big.

And he said, the time that it took for you to tell me that, I could have made $500 million. Well, now we joke. It turns out, if you'd listened to me maybe you'd have made $5 billion.

But the fact is that he's a people person. And Chapek has to learn to be a people person. And he will. But Disney, the culture of Disney-- at one point I said something like, now that Bob's gone, I don't like it. And we sold some. We sold it.

But I was wrong. I liked Bob from the point of view of having that connection. And the more I learned about Chapek, the more I like him.

So I don't know if he's playing Quez Watkins. He's an Eagles speed burner. But I needed you to know what we do as portfolio managers is we literally have connections.

And they're the kind of connections that have nothing to do with the numbers.

Hear Cramer break down his latest thoughts on all of the stocks in his charitable portfolio on Action Alerts PLUS. Recap the September call here. 

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