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Jim Cramer and Carolina Panthers Owner Tepper on Coronavirus and the Stock Market

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Jim Cramer caught up with Carolina Panthers Owner David Tepper on the red carpet at 9th Annual NFL Honors show before Super Bowl LIV in Miami. 

Jim asked the former Goldman Sachs banker how he thinks the coronavirus will affect the stock market Monday morning.

Here's the transcript:

Jim Cramer: All right, we got this virus. Everyone's scared. Could you please give me some perspective so I can offer that to people on Monday. The virus is killing people. I mean like literally and financially.

David Tepper: it's interesting. I mean you have to, it's very hard to figure. I mean, I, I don't know if you read that Lancet study.

Jim Cramer: Oh my God, I read it. Yeah.

David Tepper: We're trying to back engineer ourselves right now. So I think that's what you gotta do is try to figure it out. Certainly ruined the environment of the set up right now. So it's brand new.

Jim Cramer: What's important, I know that you talked to Joe it's a good time, but this is a game changer isn't it?

David Tepper: You'll have to be careful because it may be a game changer. So you just gotta be cautious. I know two weeks ago you, before the virus, it was one thing and it's a different environment right now, so it is what it is.

Jim Cramer: Did you listen to Dr. Fauci yesterday in the press conference? He's the best there is. He was very worried.

David Tepper: I was interested in seeing the, can't remember the guy with the beard that the head guy there, how sweaty and red face he was.

Jim Cramer: He is great...

David Tepper: I don't usually see people telling the truth look like that so.

Jim Cramer: Can I do this. Can I just get from you. It's not the time if you're a longterm person to quit. Right.

David Tepper: You know what? I think if you're a longterm person, you better not be leveraged.

Jim Cramer: You're the best. Thank you.

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