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Jim Cramer Discusses These Tough Stocks to Own: Ford, Facebook

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DuPont  (DD) - Get Free Report is close to being upgraded by us. It has come down steeply since our last sale, as with all the industrials. We don't have many of the industrials, though. We have to stay the course with those that are as good as DuPont and also as Linde  (LIN) - Get Free Report. DuPont has excellent exposure to autos, electronics, construction. Those are good markets. Why kick it out?

Ford  (F) - Get Free Report is so tough. I mean, today, Ford, [CEO Jim] Farley, whom I love, you know, preannounced a better-than-expected quarter. OK, preannounced it, and the stock is down. Will you give me a break? But it's caught up in this rotation that we're seeing where people want to own tech because they feel the economy might be slowing down or that the willy nilly inflation is off the table. And they don't want anything cyclical.

So suddenly Ford is part of a group that it shouldn't be part of. I don't know. I'm glad we sold some, I guess. We're not pigs. I think Ford can pull back a little bit more. It can't find any semiconductors. I would buy it, but only if it came back to 12. That's where we buy back the stock that we sold.

Facebook's (FB) - Get Free Report has been tough, such a tough stock to own. But we've gotten through to the other side. And now seems like smooth sailing. Actually wish I had more, but we can't buy it up here. Why would I want to buy more? Simple. If it hasn't been crushed by the media after 40,000 negative stories, I figure that it might not happen.

Honeywell  (HON) - Get Free Report caught fire at the end of May, but it has been curiously slipping over the past few weeks. Yeah, it's in no man's land. Again, this is that out of cyclical into tech. Down 3. It’s at 234 now, it was 215. But we did sell some. I don't know what to say. I don't what to say, Jeff, we'll have to talk about Honeywell.

I mean, this is a high-quality name. You know, aerospace is going to come back big. Maybe more of a 2022 story. But it is down a lot from its recent. 

Do we break discipline and think about buying it?

Maybe if you didn't own it yet, you are looking - these industrials are all getting hit hard. So you've got to be careful. You don't want to force a trade, especially when we know this is the seasonally weak period of the market.

If Honeywell keeps going down five days from now when that period is over that we're talking about. it could be one to turn to. 

It could be one. 

It could be one to turn to. And we still have to upgrade it. 

Transcribed by Robert Daniel

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