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Jim Cramer: Quick Takes on Nvidia, Marvell, and Microsoft

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Marvell (MRVL) - Get Free Report just reported. And it was a magnificent quarter in part because of a purchase of a small company that enables - that they made -- that enables hypercomputing. You know, in a great quarter. But, you know, that hypercomputing is bigger than 5G now, which I was surprised by, but that's because sales are so great.

OK. Microsoft  (MSFT) - Get Free Report. It's moved up on a delayed action to its great quarter. It remains inexpensive despite its historic growth rate and its consistency. And do I care that [CEO Satya] Nadella was named chairman? Hey, listen, we have stocks that go up like that, naming guys chairman every day of the week.

People keep asking me why we aren't taking profits in Nvidia (NVDA) - Get Free Report after this remarkable run. The answer is that there is so much that is coming to fruition. And we need to know if it has won the right to buy another company. I love Arm Holdings. SFTBY It would be good news for Nvidia if it gets it. And frankly, it would probably not even go down if they didn't.

Good opportunity. This morning, there was a firm, Jefferies, who came out with a report that says it's like the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's up 35.

Everyone knows that Nvidia passed away at my house. The dog. I got my wife, we were looking at dogs last night. I got my wife to agree that the next dog is going to be Nvidia Two. Even bigger than Nvidia One.

Transcribed by Robert Daniel

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