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Jim Cramer's 7 Deadly Investing Sins: Sin No. 4 - Arrogance

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There are seven deadly sins when it comes to stock-picking, said Jim Cramer, and the fourth is "arrogance."

Arrogance is the belief "in your stock-picking to a fault because you think there's nothing that can defeat your picks," Cramer told members of his Action Alerts PLUS club for investors during an exclusive video-conference call.

Cramer cited his own experience with oil and gas giant Schlumberger (SLB) as an example of the fourth deadly sin in stock-picking.

Cramer noted he has been following Schlumberger with "great intensity" since meeting company reps in 1982 at MIT.

"I was incredibly impressed with the science and vigor," he recounted to AAP club members.

But while the company "never lost that ability to get the best and brightest," the market changed and "oil and gas service went out of fashion."

"It's been a brutal comeuppance and I have studied it endlessly and can only conclude that my own arrogance - a belief in Schlumberger no matter what - has suffused too much of my thinking," Cramer said.

Still, while the decision to stick with Schlumberger proved to be a mistake, shares spiked during the Iranian troubles in the Gulf and "we were able to sell some and take the loss," Cramer noted.

"In reality stocks go down for a multitude of reasons that can easily defeat your ability to pick the right stock," Cramer said, citing potential factors ranging from inside trading to a "tsunami of market selling that hits you in particular."

"If you believe in yourself too much, you could mistakenly refuse to sell something that should be sold," Cramer said.

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