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Inflation Immunity? Jim Cramer Sees Opportunity in These Sectors

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Inflation remains the talk of the town despite a surprise beat in the June retail sales reported by the U.S. Commerce Department. 

June retail sales rose 0.6% from May to $621.3 billion. TheStreet's Martin Baccardax reported that the result could suggest that job gains and rising inflation rates could be offsetting the rise in inflation. 

And yet, inflation remains top of mind for much of Wall Street, particularly following the June read of the consumer price index (CPI), which signified the highest level of inflation in more than a decade. 

Is tech immune to inflation?

Cramer took to Real Money Wednesday to explain why big tech may have a safety net other sectors lack. The other sectors need tech to secure their respective futures, Cramer argued.

"When you have a steamer of a CPI, you can't bet that everyone can handle the inflationary pressures. You also can't bet that everyone will handle a sudden rate increase. But with this earnings season only a day old we have already heard from a dozen companies and each one talks about how it had to spend money and time digitizing. You can hope they got it right and put through the changes, or you can buy the digitizers. To me it's a pretty easy question to answer," Cramer wrote. 

But tech isn't alone. Find out why Cramer sees further opportunity in the energy sector thanks to a tip from Real Money's Carley Garner in the video above. 

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