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How Investors Should Deal with Trade Talks as Trump-Xi Meeting Approaches

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We're not out of the woods on trade just yet.

Late Wednesday, it was reported that a potential truce in U.S.-China talks that could lead to the avoidance of new tariffs when President Trump and President Xi meet during G-20.

However, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Xi could want some pretty significant concessions in order to seal a trade deal.

Will Trump be willing to negotiate? Action Alerts PLUS senior analyst Jeff Marks zoomed in on what investors need to watch heading into Trump's meeting with Xi:

 "I think Trump is willing to negotiate. But, again, there's just a lot of back and forth right now."

Marks noted that Huawei has been brought into the mix because China wants the Huawei ban to be lifted. But, the U.S. had previously said that the Huawei ban is separate from the trade deal.

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