) -- Melissa Lee kicked off "Fast Money" looking at today's


tech trades.

The Nasdaq gained 31.64, or 1.45%, to 2211.69, while the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

added 20.63, or 0.2%, to 10,328.89. The

S&P 500

advanced 6.4, or 0.58%, 1,102.47.

Pete Najarian said

Research in Motion


numbers have been unbelievable, with 10 million units shipped and projected margins of 43.5%. Its performance in the face of stiffer competition in the smart phones market has impressed Najarian. 2010 is shaping up to be highly competitive with no sign of a slowdown, with the android kicking up in high gear.

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3 Stocks I Saw onTV

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Joe Terranova said that the Blackberry RIM is at the back of the race in Canada.

Karen Finerman said that the whole pie for smart phones is getting bigger, with the average person using smart phones. "There's now room for the pie to grow," she said.

Najarian said RIM's focus is no longer in Canada; it's in US. "You can't look at them as a Canadian company," he said. "The U.S. is where they're going to grow." He added that China is also where the growth is for RIM.

Lee asked Karen for her opinion about RIM and she said, "I do actually like Apple better."

Another stock in focus was


(ORCL) - Get Report

-- "up huge today," -- while

Western Digital

(WDC) - Get Report

had been put on an analyst conviction buy list.


(NTAP) - Get Report

was also a favorite stock on "Fast Money."

Najarian said he still likes


(STX) - Get Report

praising its fundamentals.

Terranova said "technology has to participate next year," because it doesn't have the fundamental challenges faced by many of the other sectors. "Assume the PC upgrade cycle is for real," he said.

That being said, Terranova sees double-digit growth in technology -- "from semis to storage, to PCs themselves."

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Najarian sees a lot of upcoming IT spending and said that even though


(ADBE) - Get Report

posted losses on Tuesday, its numbers would have been "unbelievable," stripping out Omniture.

Najarian said the quarter for Adobe was just OK, but in November, "spending came back."

Guy Adami said he likes Oracle and calls it a monster stock.

"Fast Money" participants looked at Super Saturday as a challenge for retailers as people get snowed in. The roads have gotten dangerous and people don't want to go shopping in those conditions, perhaps leading to a boost in cyber shopping.

Finerman pointed out that


(FDX) - Get Report

stock was up today. Maybe they will be the beneficiary of consumers switching to cyber- orders on the weekend she said.

TheStreet Recommends

Najarian said that


(AMZN) - Get Report

should be watched as consumer turn to the Web to do their last-minute shopping amid adverse weather conditions. Amazon's price target has been lifted to $170. It is a place one wants to be in the first quarter of 2010, "Fast Money" participants agreed.

Eyeing Gold

Lee asked what would happen next to gold with the dollar breaking out against euro.

Terranova commented that the correlation between the lower dollar and higher equities may have broken down.

Terranova is long on gold. "If you are long gold you want that employment number to show the


won't move on interest rates," he said.

Adami said

Barrick Gold


finished buying back its hedges and that has not been a good thing.

"Since they announced they were done buying hedges, gold's been going down," he said.

Adami said to stay away from gold miners, with stocks going down faster than the actual commodity.

Greg Peters, the head of fixed income at Morgan Stanley, said the 10-year treasury yields could get to 5.5%.He sees higher rates ahead because rates seem too low given the current economy.

Finerman said 5.5% is a pretty bold figure.

Jim Iuorio addressed the question of whether the dollar relationship with the stock market has broken down and said "the stock market is now kind of on its own." Iuorio said he's expecting a 10% to 15% correction in the markets as the "economic recovery is still shaky." He said he'll be a "seller" in January.

Housing Sector

Lee said the housing sector has been rated stable by Moody's for the first time in four years and asked whether it may be time to bet on housing.

Jon Najarian, co-founder of optionMONSTER, is looking at

KB Home

(KBH) - Get Report




stock. He said the last time Moody's rated the homebuilding sectors as stable, both stocks were over $80. "So watch them, guys," he said.

"I think they are very cheap," Najarian said. "Both of them."

Pete asked Jon what he thought of home improvement retailers like


(LOW) - Get Report


Home Depot

(HD) - Get Report

. Jon said homebuilders will outperform Lowe's and Home Depot by double or even 150% for multi-months into 2010.

Homebuilders have been experiencing heavy options today, with KB Home at five times the average option volume today.

Adami said his entry point for

Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Report

could be $150. He said the numbers Goldman Sachs put up in FICC is now probably "legendary."

Finerman said Goldman is trading at a P/E of 8.4 and has very strong business. She would buy the stock at $160.

Najarian said Exxon is the place to be as it is now under $78.

-- Written by Andrea Tse in New York

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